The Factory

RE-Bİ Textile is an innovative and experienced fabric producer, which transforms a wide variety of yarns into high fashion novelty fabrics by using latest technology and equipment.

Production and Capasity

In the production of fabrics, REBİ Textile uses fibers and their combinations of natural materials such as cotton, linen, silk; artificial ones like viscose, rayon, modal, tencel and as well as synthetic fibers such as polyester and nylon. Having 3 million meters annual production volume Re-Bi Textile carries out all stages of fabric production, including yarn preparation, manufacturing, dying and quality control procedures under the close supervision of the company management.

REBİ’s fabric collections

Designers of the company keep step with the latest world fashion trends and proceeding from world tendencies develop collection lines, thereby within a year our design team releases two main seasonal collections and two pre-fall collections.

Customer profile

The customer profile of RE-Bİ Textile are mainly the brands, the department stores and boutiques in all around the wold including countries like Germany, Russia, Poland and Canada. Moreover Re-Bi Textile participates in international textile exhibitions to provide its customers with latest fashion collections. It would be desirable to note that our fabrics also adorn collections of large trade brands in domestic market. Thus, being in the thick of the new events taking place in the textile market, REBİ carefully watch novelties and the trends of fashion development.

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